About DCUK

Original, imaginative and creative dance clothes for individuals who dance to their own beat.

DCUK or Dance Clothes UK was formed in around 2010 by Jay and James. The idea was born from the synergistic union of a former dancer/teacher, bored with the usual offerings of dance clothes found online and an IT geek with big ideas for an online shopping empire. As with most things synergistic, the sum of the whole is vastly greater than the two parts and ideas for a new and different dance clothes store began to take shape. 

We love of all genres of dance, movement and performance in general, means we understand the need for cool and stylish dance clothes which are on trend, supremely comfortable, fit well and last the distance. To this end we make all our dance clothes in the UK using the finest quality stretchy elastane and Lycra fabrics available which usually comes from Italy. And we all know that the Italians are famous for their quality and chic design sense.

Our mission is simple: to make great clothes which are stretchy and fun to dance in. We like the idea of designing clothes which blurs the boundaries between dancewear and fashion wear. We aim to give you great quality, great fit and great style made in the UK which supports our own fashion industry and doesn’t exploit people in other countries. You won’t find one hundred and one ballet leotards in our store.

No matter what your reasons for moving to the beat (or to no beat for that matter) whether it be as a dancer, performer or just as a person who dances for the sheer joy and pleasure it brings, you will find dance clothes to inspire you and enhance your performance no matter what your dance form.

We can make our dance clothes in large numbers if you give us enough time so your whole group, team or company can get that DCUK feeling.

We love to hear from you and see what you are up to in DCUK clothes so please join us on Facebook and upload your photos to our fan page. Follow us on Twitter to find out what’s new at DCUK and why not pin a DCUK piece or three to your pintrest board? 

Whatever you do remember to have fun and keep dancing to your own beat!